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A B O U T:

I'm Kathleen, and I live in the midwest of the USA and dream of moving to Nova Scotia. My heritage is Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, German, French, and a bit of Dutch. I was born at the end of the '80s and get super nostalgic for anything '90s. I'm a Capricorn, an INFP, sorted into Gryffindor/Pukwudgie, align as chaotic good, and am a hopeless romantic. I'm a lacto-vegetarian and Italian Ice is my ultimate weakness. I love all animals dearly, have done fostering and feral cat rescue, and belong to six cats, Solo, Doyle, Oliver, Dancer, Helios, and Willow, five of whom are former ferals, all of whom are my furry babies. I love nature scenery, especially mountains and meadows, and Europe, especially France, and hope to travel and see it all in person someday. I'm passionate about disabilities advocacy and support positive media representation of all disabilities, as well as ages, and hope for the day with more disabled and older/elderly protagonists. I have a small close family consisting of my mother, grandmother, great-aunt, and step family, and a large extended family spread across two states and Germany. I live with generalized anxiety, and a (as yet unlabeled) syndrome that affects my bones, muscles, skin, and lungs, and causes chronic pain, so I watch an obscene amount of movies and tv as my drug of choice. And as close to a selfie as I'm going to post, here is me in the early '90s when I was still a tow-head:

I N T E R E S T S:

I adore history, particularly American, with my main interests being the Roanoke Colony, Plymouth, the Salem Witch Trials, tobacco brides, the Jacobite Uprising, the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, pirates, the Age of Sail, the 1800s (with a focus on the American Civil War - my favorite - especially the Confederacy, Broad Street cholera outbreak, Resurrection Men, Sin Eaters, the Year Without A Summer, the Gold Rush, the Old West, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Orphan Train, New England Vampire Panic, the Winchester House, the Irish Potato Famine, Ellis Island, Five Points, New York, and the Whitechapel murders), Industrial Revolution (with a focus on the factory workers), the General Slocum tragedy, the RMS Titanic, WWI, the 1920s (with a focus on the Bath School Disaster, the 1927 Mississippi Flood, and wing walking), the Sino Japanese War, the 1940s (especially WWII - particularly the Italian campaign and the oss, the Hartford Circus Fire, and the Tamam Shud case), the 1950s, the Vietnam War, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, historical prostitution, and vintage carnivals. I also have a deep love for Ancient Greece and Rome, Pompeii and Masada, Glastonbury Tor and Hadrian's Wall, Appalachia, and feral children. My favorite historical figures include Spartacus, Antinous, Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, St. Telemachus, Tutankhamun, John Alden, Marquis de Lafayette, Simon Girty, Chief Joseph, J.E.B. Stuart, Eliot Ness, and Sophie Scholl. I have very little interest in the Middle Ages or historical royalty.

Mythology is a huge passion of mine, with a heavy focus on Greek, and to a lesser extent Roman. Some of my favorite myth figures are Prometheus, Iolaus, Cassandra, Proteus, Icarus, Fates, Telemachus, Theseus, Hephaestus, Helios, Tithonus, Iphigenia, Alala, Sisyphus, Elpis, Danae, Cupid & Psyche, Leander & Hero, Orpheus & Eurydice, Daphne, Janus, the rivers of the Underworld, and Castor and Pollux. I also have an interest in Jewish and Christian mythology (especially angels with a focus on Gabriel, demons, Nephilim, Jonathan, Joshua, St. Luke, Adam and Eve, Longinus, and golems), Celtic lore (particularly selkies, Herne, changelings, and fairies), Spring Heeled Jack, vampires, merfolk, genies, dragons, fetches, aliens, androids, thunderbirds, and ghost ships. I adore the Epic of Gilgamesh and Beowulf. I love folklore and customs, including Sin Eaters. I'm also intrigued by the zombie genre, and the concepts of hubris, reincarnation, and stigmata.

I also love fairytales - German, Danish, and French, English fairytale ballads, and Arabian Nights - with my favorite the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. My favorite ever is The Snow Queen, with other favorites including Tam Lin, The Fisherman and His Wife, The Wild Swans, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Rumpelstiltskin, The Emperor's New Clothes, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Blue Light, and The Steadfast Tin Soldier. I get giddy over any and all adaptations and re-imaginings, and I'm currently obsessed with Sechs auf einen Streich and Märchenperlen.

My two oldest and dearest loves are Robin Hood and Arthurian Legend, and I love nearly every adaptation and book version of them with a fondness for the Lancelot-Grail. I'm 100% a Lancelot supporter in every version.

With music I gravitate almost entirely to pre-2000, oldies and Celtic, and love records. I adore both obscure and popular singers, one hit wonders and well known bands. My favorite genres of music include Celtic (especially Irish and Scottish folk), American folk, ballads, novelty records, doo-wop, rock n roll, country pop, western, easy listening, pop, rock, new wave, disco, power ballads, British Invasion (with the exception of the Beatles), indie, big band, instrumental, and some classical. I'm a big fan of old time radio shows, too, especially thriller, western, and comedy shows.

I have a strange fascination with cryptozoology or anything unknown. Some of my biggest interests include the Green Children of Woolpit, the Mothman, the Brown Mountain Lights, the Valley of the Headless Men, the Voynich Manuscript, cabinets of curiosities, and ley lines. I also love sleight of hand.

A look at my fandoms and monthly watching should tell you I have no taste whatsoever. While I occasionally and curiously become part of popular, large fandoms, I'm more likely to be gleefully enjoying a vintage, short-lived, low-budget, and altogether forgotten series, movie, or miniseries. I also will watch literally anything; the more critics hate it, the more I feel a need to watch it and all its sequels. I love basically all genres and time periods from vintage to current, with weaknesses for foreign language European films from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and Denmark, New Zealand and Canadian tv, and silents. While I'm not picky, I adore shows and films that are character driven and focused rather than plot, special effects, big name stars, or action. Beautiful dialogue and voice-overs make me melt. I also have a bad habit of loving obscure, random actors and working my way through their increasingly dreadful filmographies. I'm always open to recommendations, no matter how strange.

I get super attached to fictional characters, generally an unpopular male character with impressive hair. I'm drawn to the gentle character who has a world of sadness in their eyes, or the bad guy who slowly changes for love, and has an emotional redemption arc. That sort of character will always be my baby in any fandom. I have an otp in nearly every fandom, with occasional multiships. I live for otps that are a broken character with a tragic past who learns to love again through a character who helps put them back together and becomes their moral compass. I love happily married couples without relationship drama. I also adore found families, sibling feels, and parents and their little kids. I live for the enemies to allies trope. My absolute favorite, though, is platonic, deep male friendships. And these are my tropes.

I have a super soft spot for the Southern Gothic genre and anything relating to steampunk. I enjoy philosophy. I loathe love triangles and most YA fiction, and am not a book purist.

My favorite colors are blue (especially sky and cobalt), forest green, brown, and sunny yellow.

F A N D O M S:

{TV}: 12 Monkeys. 12 O'Clock High. 77 Sunset Strip. A Man Called Shenandoah. Adam-12. Alias Smith and Jones. Almost Human. American Horror Story: Freak Show. Andy Griffith Show. Angel. Anne. Arrest and Trial. Atlantis. Battlestar Galactica. Believe. Bonanza. Bones. Bourbon Street Beat. Boy Meets World. Branded. Brimstone. Bronco. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Camelot. Charmed. Cheyenne. CHiPs. Christy. Combat!. Constantine. Copper. Crusoe. Daniel Boone. Daredevil. Dark Angel. David Cassidy Man Undercover. Dead Man's Gun. Doctor Who. Dominion. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. Eleventh Hour. Emergency!. Emily Owens MD. ER. Emerald City. Extant. Eye Candy. F Troop. Firefly. Forever. Galavant. Garrison's Gorillas. Get Smart. Ghost Whisperer. Gidget. Gomer Pyle USMC. Gunsmoke. Happy Days. Hard Time On Planet Earth. Hardy Boys. Harsh Realm. Haunted. Haven. Hawaii Five-O. Hawkeye. Hell On Wheels. Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. Highlander. Hogan's Heroes. Humans. I Dream Of Jeannie. I Love Lucy. I Spy. Intelligence. Intruders. Invasion. IZombie. Jack of All Trades. Jericho. John Doe. Johnny Ringo. Kings. Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Lancer. Laramie. Laredo. Lawman. Leave It To Beaver. Legends Of Tomorrow. Little House On The Prairie. Little Men. Logan's Run. Lost. Lucifer. Man From Atlantis. Manimal. Maverick. Meego. Merlin. Miami Medical. Millennium. Minority Report. Miracles. Mission Impossible. Moonlight. My Favorite Martian. Naked City. New Amsterdam. Night Gallery. Night Stalker. Nikita. Nowhere Man. Odysseus. Once Upon A Time. Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Outlander. Primeval. Prison Break. Probe. Pushing Daisies. Quark. Rawhide. Reign. Resurrection. Revolution. Road To Avonlea. Roar. Robin Of Sherwood. Roswell. Route 66. Saints and Sinners. Salem. Sapphire and Steel. Scorpion. Seven Days. Shane. Sleepy Hollow. Sliders. Smallville. Something Is Out There. Space 1999. Spartacus. Star Crossed. Stargate Atlantis. Starsky & Hutch. Still Star Crossed. Stingray. Street Hawk. Sugarfoot. Supernatural. Surfside 6. T.J. Hooker. Tales Of Wells Fargo. Tarzan. Tate. Teen Angel. Teen Wolf. Terra Nova. The Addams Family. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. The Adventures Of Superman. The Big Valley. The Collector. The Courtship Of Eddie's Father. The Flash. The Frankenstein Chronicles. The Fugitive. The Gallant Men. The Guns Of Will Sonnett. The High Chaparral. The Immortal. The Incredible Hulk. The Invaders. The Legend Of William Tell. The Living and the Dead. The Lone Gunmen. The Magician. The Man From UNCLE. The Mentalist. The Messengers. The Mod Squad. The Monkees. The Musketeers. The Originals. The Outer Limits. The Phoenix. The Ponderosa. The Powers Of Matthew Star. The Quest. The Rat Patrol. The Rebel. The Second Hundred Years. The Shannara Chronicles. The Streets Of San Francisco. The Time Tunnel. The Tomorrow People. The Twilight Zone. The Virginian. The Waltons. The Whispers. The Wild Wild West. The X-Files. Three Rivers. Time After Time. Torchwood. Tour Of Duty. Tucker's Witch. Turn. Voyagers!. Wagon Train. Wanted Dead or Alive. When Calls The Heart. X Company. Young Hercules. Z Nation. Zoo. Zane Grey Theatre. Zorro. American Bandstand. Hollywood Palace. Lawrence Welk Show. Match Game. What's My Line. Your Hit Parade. Mister Roger's Neighborhood. Reading Rainbow. Adam Adamant Lives!. Baby Daddy. Bachelor Father. Baretta. Bewitched. Carol Burnett Show. Circus Boy. Coronet Blue. Da Vinci's Demons. Dark Shadows. Donna Reed Show. Elisa Di Rivombrosa. Emily of New Moon. Empress Ki. Father Knows Best. Game of Thrones. Gilligan's Island. Green Acres. Have Gun Will Travel. Hawaiian Eye. It's A Man's World. Johnny Staccato. La Femme Nikita. Lost In Space. Lucan. MacGyver. Mr Lucky. Mork and Mindy. Nanny and the Professor. Olympus. Snowy River. Step By Step. That Girl. The Americans. The Highwayman. The Lazarus Man. The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis. The Master. The Millionaire. The Prisoner. The Professionals. The Rifleman. The Travels Of Jaimie McPheeters. Then Came Bronson. THE Cat. Trackdown. Twisted. Xena Warrior Princess. You Wish. I also formerly but no longer watch Agent X, Agents of SHIELD, Alias, All Creatures Great and Small, Arrow, Arthur of the Britons, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Being Human, Black Saddle, Blindspot, Bosom Buddies, Buck Rogers In the 25th Century, Castle, Chicago Med, Code Black, Colony, Columbo, Dallas, Due South, Dusty's Trail, Full House, Gemini Man, Girl Meets World, Kojak, Legend of the Seeker, Lethal Weapon, Lois & Clark, Love On A Rooftop, Make Room For Daddy, Mannix, Marcus Welby MD, Mr Robot, My Little Margie, Outsiders, Overland Trail, Poldark, Remington Steele, Rookie Blue, Sanctuary, Sherlock, Sledge Hammer!, Stargate SG-1, Starman, SWAT, The 100, The Avengers, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Brady Bunch, The Dakotas, The Detectives, The Invisible Man, The Loner, The Renegades, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Vampire Diaries, and UFO.

{FILMS}: 10000 BC. 12 Angry Men. 13 Going On 30. 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. 2081. 28 Days Later. 3:10 To Yuma. 7th Heaven. A Bear Named Winnie. A Bug's Life. A Child Is Waiting. A Christmas Carol. A Knight's Tale. A Little Princess. A Matter Of Life and Death. A Patch of Blue. A Season For Miracles. A Series of Unfortunate Events. A Stolen Life. A Valentine Carol. A Walk In the Clouds. A Walk In The Sun. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Across the Universe. After. Agora. Aladdin. Alexander. Aliens In the Attic. Alice. All That Heaven Allows. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Amarilly Of Clothes-Line Alley. American Outlaws. An American Tail. An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (1&2). Anastasia. Anchors Aweigh. Anna Karenina. Anne Of Green Gables (1&2&3). Anne of the Indies. April Love. Aquaman. Arabian Nights. Arsenic and Old Lace. Arthur & Merlin. Arthur Christmas. Aschenputtel. Atlantis: the Lost Empire. Atonement. Austenland. Australia. Avenging Angelo. Bachelor Mother. Band Of Brothers. Batman (1&3). Beastly. Beautiful Creatures. Beauty and the Beast. Because They're Young. Becoming Jane. Bedazzled. Behind the Screen. Ben-Hur. Bend of the River. Bicentennial Man. Big Eyes. Big Fish. Big Hero 6. Birdsong. Black Narcissus. Blood and Chocolate. Blossoms In the Dust. Bolt. Boys Town. Bridge To Terabithia. Brigadoon. Bright Eyes. Brimstone. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Byzantium. Calamity Jane. Camelot. Captain America (1&2). Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Cargo. Casablanca. Casanova. Catch Me If You Can. Changeling. Change Of Heart. Charade. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie St. Cloud. Childhood's End. Children of Dune. Christmas In Connecticut. Christmas With Holly. Chronicles Of Narnia. Cinderella. City Beneath the Sea. City Girl. City Lights. City of Angels. City of Ember. Civil Love. Clash of the Titans (1&2). Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (1&2). Coat of Many Colors (1&2). Colonia. Constantine. Copperhead. Corpse Bride. Cowboys & Aliens. Creature From the Black Lagoon. Crimson Peak. Dangerous Beauty. Daredevil. Darkness Falls. Das Blaue Licht. Das finstere Tal. Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern. Das Tapfere Schneiderlein. Daylight. Der Eisenhans. Der Froschkönig. Der Teufel Mit Den Drei Goldenen Haaren. Descendants. Desire Me. Despicable Me (1&2&3). Dial M For Murder. Die Geliebten Schwestern. Die Kleine Meerjungfrau. Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse. Die Salzprinzessin. Die Schöne Und Das Biest. Die sechs Schwäne. Die Zertanzten Schuhe. Doctor Dolittle. Doctor Zhivago. Dolphin Tale. Doom Runners. Dorian Gray. Dornröschen. Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Dracula Untold. Dragonheart (1&3). Dragonwyck. Drums Along the Mohawk. Dumbo. East Of Eden. Edge Of Tomorrow. Edward Scissorhands. El Orfanato. Ella Enchanted. Elle S'appelait Sarah. Elizabethtown. Eloise (1&2). Emma. Empire. Empire Of The Sun. Enchanted. Enchantment. End of the Spear. Ender's Game. Epic. Equilibrium. Eragon. Ever After. Exodus. Exodus: Gods and Kings. Fantastic Four (1&2). Far and Away. Father Of The Bride (1&2). Felicity. Fiddler On The Roof. Finding Nemo (1&2). First Knight. Flaming Star. Flowers In The Attic (1&3&4). Flyboys. Follow Me Boys!. Follow The Stars Home. For Me and My Gal. Force of Arms. Frailty. Friendly Persuasion. Front Of the Class. Gangs of New York. Gaslight. George Of The Jungle. George Washington Slept Here. Gidget. Gifted. Gnomeo and Juliet. Gods Of Egypt. Good News. Goodbye Mr Chips. Grace Unplugged. Great Expectations. Green Lantern. Guinevere. Hacksaw Ridge. Halloweentown. Hang 'Em High. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Hart's War. Heart and Souls. Heartless: The Story Of the Tin Man. Heaven Knows Mr. Allison. Heidi (1&2). Hellboy (1&2). Her Highness and the Bellboy. Hercules. Hidden In Silence. High Noon. High Plains Invaders. Highlander. His Dark Materials. Hocus Pocus. Holiday Affair. Home. Hornblower. Hot Lead and Cold Feet. Hotel Transylvania (1&2&tv). Houdini. How I Live Now. How To Train Your Dragon (1&2&tv). Howards Of Virginia. I Am Dina. I Am Number Four. I Am Sam. I Confess. I Do I Do I Do. Ice Age. I'd Climb the Highest Mountain. If A Man Answers. If I Stay. In Time. In the Heart of the Sea. Inception. Incest!: The Musical. Inkheart. Interview With the Vampire. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Iron Man (1&2&3). It Follows. It's A Wonderful Life. Jack of the Red Hearts. Jack the Giant Slayer. Jackie. Jacob Have I Loved. Jakob The Liar. Jane Eyre. Jingle All The Way. Johnny Belinda. Jorinde und Joringel. John Adams. Journey For Margaret. Journey To the Center of the Earth (1&2). Joyeux Noel. Just Like Heaven. Kate & Leopold. Kätilö. Key Largo. Kidnapped. King Arthur. King Creole. King Kong. Kings Go Forth. Kings Row. Kiss Of Death. Kit Kittredge. Knight and Day. Knights of the Round Table. Kung Fu Panda. L'Homme Qui Rit. La Bella e La Bestia. La Belle Et La Bete. La Jetée. La Rafle. La Vita E Bella. Lady and the Tramp. Lady Chatterley's Lover. Lady In The Water. Le Pacte Des Loups. Legion. Let No Man Write My Epitaph. Letter From An Unknown Woman. Les Innocentes. Les Miserables. Life With Father. Little Women. Little Men. Lloyds of London. Logan's Run. Lord Of The Rings. Lorenzo's Oil. Lost In Austen. Love Comes Softly (1&2&3). Love Is A Many Splendored Thing. Lucky Star. Lust For Life. Luther. Mad Max: Fury Road. Magnificent Obsession. Maleficent. Mama. Margie. Marie Huertin. Martian Child. Mary Poppins. McGee and Me. Meet John Doe. Meet Me In St Louis. Meet the Robinsons. Megamind. Memoirs Of A Geisha. Men In Black. Merlin (1&2). Metropolis. Million Dollar Mermaid. Minority Report. Miracle At Midnight. Miracle On 34th Street. Miss Grant Takes Richmond. Miss Potter. Miss Rose White. Mister Roberts. Modern Times. Molly. Monsters Inc (1&2). Moulin Rouge. Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House. Mr Deeds Goes To Town. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Mr Nobody. Mr Smith Goes To Washington. Mrs Miniver. Mrs Parkington. Mud. Mulan. My Best Girl. My Girl. My Name Is Nobody. My Sister's Keeper. Nancy Drew (1&2&3&4). National Treasure (1&2). National Velvet. Never Let Me Go. Newsies. Nicholas Nickleby. Night At The Museum (1&2&3). Nim's Island. No Name On the Bullet. Noah. North and South (1&2). Not As A Stranger. Now You See Me (1&2). Nussknacker und Mausekönig. Oblivion. Odd Thomas. Old Man. Oliver and Company. On Drakon. On Moonlight Bay (1&2). On the Waterfront. Ondine. One AM. One Night With the King. Operation Mad Ball. Our Mutual Friend. Our Town. Outlander. Oz The Great and Powerful. Pacific Rim. Paint Your Wagon. Painted Skin (2). Passengers. Pathfinder. Pearl Harbor. Penny Serenade. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (1&2). Peter Pan. Pete's Dragon. Philomena. Picture Perfect. Pilgrimage. Pirates of the Caribbean. Pocahontas. Poklosie. Pollyanna. Pompeii. Populaire. Portrait Of Jennie. Priest. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Pride Of The Marines. Prince Of Persia. Prom. Psycho. Push. Puss In Boots. Quest For Camelot. Quo Vadis. Rabbit Proof Fence. Raintree County. Rambo. Random Harvest. Rapunzel. Ratatouille. Real Steel. Rebecca. Rebel Without A Cause. Red Riding Hood. Redwood Curtain. Regarding Henry. Reign Of Fire. Remember Sunday. Return To Oz. Rigoletto. Rio. Rise Of The Guardians. Rise of The Planet of The Apes (1&2). Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Rock of Ages. Romeo and Juliet. Romeo E Giulietta. Rose Hill. Saints & Strangers. Samantha. Sarah Plain and Tall (1&2&3). Saving Mr Banks. Saving Sarah Cain. Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot. Season Of the Witch. Seasons Of The Heart. Sechse Kommen Durch Die Ganze Welt. Self/Less. Sense and Sensibility. September Dawn. Serendipity. Shane. Shenandoah. Sherlock Holmes (1&2). Showboat. Signs. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Since You Went Away. Singin' In The Rain. Sister Kenny. Sitting Bull. Skammerens Datter. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Sky High. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. Snow White and the Huntsman. Snowball Express. So Dear To My Heart. Soldier. Solomon Kane. Sooner Or Later. Song of the Sea. Song of the South. Sophie Scholl: Die letzten Tage. Soul Surfer. Spaceballs. Sparrows. Spartacus. Spellbound. Spiderman (1&2&3). Splendor In The Grass. Spy Kids. Squanto: A Warrior's Tale. SS-GB. Stalag 17. Star Trek (1&2&3). Starman. Stars In My Crown. State Fair. Stay. Stolen Women Captured Hearts. Strings. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans. Sunset Boulevard. Superman Returns. Sweeney Todd. Swept From the Sea. Sword of Lancelot. Tammy and the Bachelor. Tangled (film&tv). Tarzan. That Funny Feeling. The 10th Kingdom. The Alamo. The Andersonville Trial. The Apple Dumpling Gang (1&2). The Avengers (1&2). The Best Years of Our Lives. The Bells of St Mary's. The BFG. The Blob. The Blue and the Gray. The Book Thief. The Brothers Bloom. The Brothers Grimm. The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas. The Christmas Candle. The Christmas Secret. The Clock. The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. The Croods. The Crow. The Crucible. The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Decoy Bride. The Dove Keepers. The Eagle. The Egyptian. The Emperor's New Groove. The Enchanted Cottage. The Fault In Our Stars. The Flowers Of War. The Giver. The Glenn Miller Story. The Great Dictator. The Great Escape. The Guns Of Navarone. The Hanging Gale. The Happening. The High and the Mighty. The Hobbit. The Host. The Hulk. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Hunger Games. The Illusionist. The Impossible. The Incredible Shrinking Man. The Incredibles. The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness. The Innocents. The Invasion. The Island. The Jacket. The Joker Is Wild. The Kid. The King and I. The Kingdom Of Heaven. The Last Days Of Pompeii. The Last King of Scotland. The Last Legion. The Last Sin Eater. The Last Of The Mohicans. The Last Wagon. The Legend of Hercules. The Legend of Tarzan. The Lego Movie (1&2). The Librarian. The Light In The Forest. The List. The Little Mermaid. The Long Long Trailer. The Lost Child. The Lost Future. The Lost Valentine. The Love Letter. The Lovely Bones. The Magdalene Sisters. The Magic of Ordinary Days. The Magnificent Seven. The Man From UNCLE. The Man In The Iron Mask. The Man With The Golden Arm. The Martian. The Matrix (1&2&3). The Maze Runner. The McConnell Story. The Miracle Worker. The Mists Of Avalon. The Mortal Instruments. The Mummy (1&2&3). The Nativity Story. The Night of the Hunter. The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Nine Lives of Christmas. The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The Other Boleyn Girl. The Others. The Outsider. The Passion Of The Christ. The Patriot. The Phantom Of The Opera. The Pianist. The Piano. The Pillars Of the Earth. The Pirate. The Prestige. The Prince of Egypt. The Princess Bride. The Railway Children. The Red Tent. The Revenant. The Rite. The River. The Road To El Dorado. The Robe (1&2). The Scarlet and the Black. The Scarecrow. The Scorpion King (1&2&4). The Search. The Secret Garden. The Secret of Roan Inish. The Sheik. The Shunning (1&2). The Silence of the Lambs. The Sixth Sense. The Snow Queen. The Snow Walker. The Snowman. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The Sound Of Music. The Stand. The Story of Alexander Graham Bell. The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. The Swan Princess. The Teahouse Of The August Moon. The Ten Commandments. The Terminator (1&4). The Thief of Bagdad. The Three Musketeers. The Three Faces Of Eve. The Time Machine. The Time Traveler's Wife. The Vagabond. The Valley of Decision. The Village. The Virgin Suicides. The Walk. The Water Diviner. The Water Horse. The Wind. The Woman In Black. The Young Philadelphians. Thor (1&2). Three Came Home. Three Sovereigns For Sarah. Thumbelina. Timeline. Tin Man. Titanic. To Kill A Mockingbird. Tomorrow Is Forever. Tomorrow The World!. Tooth Fairy. Total Recall. Toy Story. Treasure Island. Triage. Tristan and Isolde. Troy. Tuck Everlasting. Turbo. Tut. Twilight. Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles. Unbreakable. Under the Greenwood Tree. Unforgiven. Universal Soldier. Up. Valkyrie. Van Helsing. Victor Frankenstein. Von Einem der Auszog das Fürchten zu Lernen. Vom Fischer Und Seiner Frau. Wall-E. War Of the Worlds. Warm Bodies. Waterloo Bridge. Whale Rider. What Happens In Vegas. What The Deaf Man Heard. What We Do In the Shadows. What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Wings. Winter's Tale. Witness. Wolf Blood. Woman In Gold. World War Z. World Without End. Wreck-It Ralph. X-Men. Young At Heart. Young Man With A Horn. Zoom. Zwerg Nase.

[PLAYS & BALLETS}: La Légende du Roi Arthur. Royal Ballet's Frankenstein. Swan Lake. The Nutcracker.

[RADIO}: Box 13. Bold Venture. Burns And Allen. Cloak And Dagger. Father Gilbert. Gunsmoke. I Love A Mystery. Inner Sanctum. Jack Benny. Life Of Riley. Luke Reports. My Favorite Husband. Our Miss Brooks. Pat Novak For Hire. Paws and Tales. Rocky Fortune. Radio Theatre's Ben-Hur. Radio Theatre's Les Miserables. Rogue's Gallery. Suspense. The Adventures of Superman. The Lone Ranger. The Shadow. The Saint. The Whistler. X Minus One. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.

{MUSIC}: ABBA. Aha. Air Supply. Al Stewart. Albert Hammond. America. Ames Brothers. Andy Williams. Animals. ASIA. Association. Avons. Backstreet Boys. Beach Boys. Bee Gees. Billy Idol. Billy Joe Royal. Billy Joel. BJ Thomas. Blue Öyster Cult. Blue Swede. Bobby Curtola. Bobby Darin. Bobby Goldsboro. Bobby Rydell. Bobby Vee. Bobby Vinton. Bonnie Tyler. Boston. Bread. Brian Hyland. Brothers Four. Brotherhood of Man. Browns. Buddy Holly. Buggles. Burl Ives. Byrds. Carl Dobkins Jr. Carpenters. Cars. Cascades. Celtic Thunder. Celtic Woman. Chad & Jeremy. Chad Mitchell Trio. Charlie Dore. Cheers. Chordettes. Chris de Burgh. Classics. Corey Hart. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Crew Cuts. Crosby Stills & Nash. Cufflinks. Cutting Crew. Cyrkle. Dan Fogelberg. Del Shannon. Diamonds. Dickey Lee. Dion. Dougie MacLean. Don McLean. Dream Weavers. Duprees. Duran Duran. Eagles. Edison Lighthouse. Edwyn Collins. Elegants. Elvis Presley. Eurythmics. Everly Brothers. Firefall. First Class. Fleetwoods. Fleetwood Mac. Florent Mothe. Foreigner. Four Aces. Four Jacks & A Jill. Four Lads. Four Preps. Frank Sinatra. Frankie Avalon. Frankie Laine. Freddie & Dreamers. Gary Lewis & Playboys. Gary Wright. Gene Chandler. Gene Pitney. Gerry & Pacemakers. Glen Campbell. Glenn Miller. Gogi Grant. Gordon Lightfoot. Grass Roots. Harpers Bizarre. Harry Chapin. Harry James. Harry Nilsson. Heather Dale. Herman's Hermits. Hollies. Jack Jones. Jack Scott. Jan & Dean. James Darren. Jay & Americans. Jim Croce. Jim Lowe. Jim Reeves. Jimmie Rodgers. Jimmy Clanton. John Denver. Johnny Cash. Johnny Rivers. Johnny Western. Journey. Kansas. Kenny Loggins. Kingston Trio. Kyu Sakamoto. Lennie Gallant. Lettermen. Limeliters. Lobo. Lou Christie. Lovin Spoonful. Marcie Blane. Mark Dinning. Marty Robbins. Matthews Southern Comfort. Men At Work. Men Without Hats. Michael Martin Murphey. Moody Blues. Mr Mister. Murmaids. Neil Diamond. Neil Sedaka. New Christy Minstrels. Oliver. Pat Benatar. Pat Boone. Patti Page. Paul Anka. Paul Revere & Raiders. Perry Como. Peter & Gordon. Peter Paul & Mary. Peter Schilling. PoniTails. Quarterflash. R Dean Taylor. Randy & Rainbows. Real Life. REO Speedwagon. Rex Smith. Ricky Nelson. Rick Astley. Rick Springfield. Riverdance. Roger Whittaker. Romantics. Rosemary Clooney. Roy Orbison. Sandpipers. Scott McKenzie. Secret Garden. Seekers. Shaun Cassidy. Sheb Wooley. Silly Wizard. Simon & Garfunkel. Sons of the Pioneers. Spiral Staircase. Starship. Steve Lawrence. Survivor. Suzanne Vega. Sweet. Tannahill Weavers. Tennessee Ernie Ford. Terry Jacks. Terry Stafford. Thomas Dolby. Three Dog Night. Tin Tin. Tommy Sands. Tony Bennett. Toto. Tracey Ullman. Turtles. Vanity Fare. Whitesnake. Zager & Evans.

{BOOKS & ART & PHOTOGRAPHY}: Edgar Allan Poe. HP Lovecraft. O Henry. Ray Bradbury (my favorite is The Rocket Man). Richard Matheson. TS Eliot. William Faulkner (my favorite is A Rose For Emily). Arthurian legend. Beowulf. Cherry Ames. Cricket In Times Square. Dear Enemy. Dracula. Frankenstein. Freddy The Pig. MacBeth. Pookie. Robin Hood. The Borrowers. The House Of The Seven Gables. The Lady Or the Tiger. The Song of Achilles. The Unresolved. The Witch Of Blackbird Pond. The Wizard Of Oz. Within the Walls Of Tyre. Wuthering Heights. Peanuts. Norman Rockwell. Vincent Van Gogh. Jacob Riis. Mathew Brady. Shelby Lee Adams. W Eugene Smith.

{TV OTPS & BROTPS}: Cole/Cassandra. Cole&Ramse. (12 Monkeys) Gallagher&Komansky. (12 O'Clock High) Heyes&Kid. (Alias Smith and Jones) Angel/Darla. (Angel) Gilbert/Anne. (Anne) Jason/Medea. (Atlantis) Booth/Brennan. (Bones) Spike/Buffy. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Merlin/Igraine. Merlin&Arthur. Arthur&Kay. (Camelot) Leo/Piper. (Charmed) Neil/Christy. (Christy) John&Chas&Zed. (Constantine) Corky&Annie. (Copper) Crusoe&Friday. (Crusoe) Matt/Claire. (Daredevil) Alex/Noma. Michael&Gabriel. Michael&Alex. (Dominion) 5/Tegan. 8/Grace. Tom/Martha. 10/Donna. (Doctor Who) Sully/Michaela. (Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) Hood/Rachel. (Eleventh Hour) Lucas/Dorothy. (Emerald City) Will/Emily. (Emily Owens MD) Tommy/Lindy. (Eye Candy) Simon/River. (Firefly) Henry/Jo. Henry&Abe. (Forever) Galavant/Isabella. Richard/Roberta. (Galavant) Max/99. (Get Smart) Jim/Melinda. (Ghost Whisperer) Matt/Kitty. (Gunsmoke) Frank&Joe. (Hardy Boys) Nathan/Audrey. Duke/Jennifer. (Haven) Hercules&Iolaus. (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys) Tony/Jeannie. Tony&Roger&Jeannie. (I Dream of Jeannie) Kelly&Scotty. (I Spy) Gabriel/Riley. (Intelligence) Major/Liv. (IZombie) Jack/Emilia. (Jack Of All Trades) Johnny&Cully. (Johnny Ringo) Michael/Nikita. (Nikita) Jess&Slim. (Laramie) Adam/Mary. Almanzo/Laura. Jeb/Jenny. (Little House On the Prairie) Desmond/Penny. Charlie/Claire. Sawyer/Kate. (Lost) Lucifer/Chloe. (Lucifer) Mark/Elizabeth. (Man From Atlantis) Chris/Eva. (Miami Medical) Rollin/Cinnamon. (Mission Impossible) Mick/Beth. (Moonlight) Carl/Perri. (Night Stalker) Rumplestiltskin/Belle. Killian/Emma. Charming/SnowWhite. Charming&Killian. (Once Upon A Time) Cyrus/Alice. Knave/RedQueen. Knave&Alice. (Once Upon A Time In Wonderland) Jamie/Claire. (Outlander) Connor/Abby. Matt/Emily. (Primeval) Austin/Mickey. (Probe) Leith/Greer. Bash/Mary. Bash&Francis. (Reign) Miles&Charlie. (Revolution) Gus/Felicity. (Road To Avonlea) Robin/Marion. Robert/Marion. (Robin Of Sherwood) Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. (Roswell) Tod&Buz. (Route 66) John/Mary. (Salem) Steel/Sapphire. (Sapphire and Steel) Toby/Happy. (Scorpion) Oliver/Chloe. Clark/Lois. (Smallville) Jack/Ta'ra. (Something Is Out There) Tony/Maya. (Space 1999) Agron/Nasir. Gannicus/Sibyl. (Spartacus) Roman/Emery. Eric/Julia. (Star Crossed) Starsky&Hutch. (Starsky & Hutch) Benvolio/Rosaline. (Still Star Crossed) Dean&Sam&Castiel. (Supernatural) Tarzan/Jane. (Tarzan) Derek/Braeden. Liam/Hayden. (Teen Wolf) Jim/Elisabeth. (Terra Nova) Gomez/Morticia. (The Addams Family) Barry/Iris. (The Flash) Will/Aruna. (The Legend Of William Tell) Napoleon&Illya. (The Man From UNCLE) Jane/Lisbon. (The Mentalist) Raul/Erin. (The Messengers) Pete/Julie. Pete&Linc&Julie. (The Mod Squad) D'Artagnan/Constance. (The Musketeers) Elijah/Hayley. Klaus&Elijah. Klaus&Hope. (The Originals) Quentin&TwoPersons. (The Quest) Mike&Steve. (The Streets Of San Francisco) Tony&Doug. (The Time Tunnel) John/Astrid. (The Tomorrow People) Randy/Betsy. (The Virginian) Ben/Cindy. (The Waltons) Sean/Claire. (The Whispers) Jim&Artemus. (The Wild Wild West) Mulder/Scully. (The X-Files) Gwen&Jack. (Torchwood) Jim/Stacy. (TJ Hooker) Rick/Amanda. (Tucker's Witch) Hewlett/Anna. (Turn) Phineas&Jeffrey. (Voyagers!) Jack/Elizabeth. Lee/Rosemary. DeWitt/Mary. (When Calls the Heart) Mack/Addy. (Z Nation) Mitch/Jamie. Abraham&Jackson. (Zoo) Diego&Felipe. (Zorro)

N O T E S:

My journal mostly contains my monthly scrapbooks, fanfiction, book reviews, and miscellaneous ramblings on whatever tv shows/films I'm currently watching. Please don't repost any graphics/fanfic/entries or claim as your own. All characters borrowed for fanfic purposes belong to their respective creators. Comments are greatly enjoyed but never required; likewise I comment as frequently as I can and whenever comfortable but won't reply to every entry. I occasionally do friends cuts, and may not always be able to add back but I appreciate all adds. Everyday is de-friending amnesty day, no questions asked.
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